IMBA Epic Southern Traverse

Mileage: 36.4 miles

Via MTB Project: “If you’re going to tackle the Southern Traverse, the rigors of boot camp may be the best preparation. With 3,000 feet of climbing over 36 epic miles, this ride promises to test your courage and endurance.

The Traverse is the southern most section of the Shenandoah Mountain Trail located in the George Washington National Forests Dry River and Deerfield Ranger Districts. The trail runs along the spine of Shenandoah Mountain, massive at 90+ miles long. It serves as the border of Virginia and West Virginia for the northern most 60 miles of its ridge. Riding north to south is the best way to enjoy the sweetest of singletrack descents.”

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Lookout Mountain

Mileage: 13.5 miles

Via MTB Project: “This ride has a bit of everything including easy climbing, fast descents and technical rocky areas. It has one large rerouted section that is one of the highlights of the ride. There are some nice views on exposed ridgelines and a great overlook near the finish.”

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Mileage: 13 miles

Via MTB Project: “Located in the North River District of George Washington National Forest, there is a bit of everything on this loop including ridgeline riding, rocky sections with alternate lines, and one memorable descent off the mountain.”

Parking: This ride starts at the bottom of Tillman West Trail on Tillman Rd. at a small pull-off.

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