Little North Mountain Loop

Mileage: 27 miles

There is nothing little about the challenge on this nearly all-gravel ride, but the stunning scenery is well worth it. With the initial climb over Troxell Gap exceeding a 13% grade for a short stretch, this gravel ride is not for the climbing-averse. Make sure your bike is geared for the challenge.

Park in Mckinley at the Methodist Church and then climb up Troxell Gap. Troxell gap is a pretty steep gravel climb for two miles. There are amazing views of the valley on your side as you climb up. Just after dipping slightly down the back side of Troxell Gap, turn let on the first gravel road, Doubles Road hunter access. This road traverses Little North Mountain for about 8 miles before dropping down to Lake Merriweather. Doubles Road between two closed gates (that you will need to duck under) is pretty rugged. The beautiful gravel double track turns to an un-maintained forest road for a few miles before turning back into nice gravel before hitting the lake. After crossing the Lake, head back north out of the Boy Scout camps on smooth dirt and gravel of Millard Burke memorial road.  Then finally about six miles of pavement on little river road to Estaline valley road before you turn back up Troxell gap to climb back over the ridge once again to finish the ride. The west side of troxell gap is just as steep as the east side but a little longer of a climb to finish the ride.

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Middlebrook Fat Tire Farm Route

Mileage: 20 miles

This route was developed for the Shenandoah Fall Foliage Festival to introduce participants to gravel and two of the finest farms in the Valley, Polyface Farms and Meadowcroft Farm. It’s a great way to get your gravel feet wet. Or dusty, as the case may be.

Parking: Middlebrook Community Center, 54 Cherry Grove Rd, Middlebrook, VA 2445

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