Blue Suck Falls Loop

Mileage: 8.8 miles

Via MTB Project: “Blue Suck Falls is a loop ride that gives you a true sense of the park. You’ll ride through mountain laurel, cross streams, and be rewarded with both a waterfall and scenic vista at the Tuscarora Overlook and cabin. When you’re done with your ride, take a cool dip in the lake, relax on the sandy beach, and grab a bite to eat at the restaurant.

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Douthat IMBA Epic Route

Mileage: 18.6 miles

From MTB Project: “Douthat State Park (pronounced “dow-that”) is a gem in the Appalachian Mountains of south central Virginia. The park encompasses more than 4,500 acres and, in addition, is surrounded by the George Washington National Forest, offering many opportunities for backcountry exploration. Within the park boundaries, you’ll find over 40 miles of trails to match whatever level of challenge you choose.

For what the Douthat Epic lacks in mileage, it more than makes up for in elevation. The park is essentially a tasty bowl of singletrack connecting the park from bottom to top.”

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