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Augusta County Maps
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Route Name
Distance/Elevation Gain
Map & Directions
Middlebrook Routes
Middlebrook M&M Loop

13 miles (20.9 km)/

785 feet (239.3 meters)

A short, gentle ride on rural roads with stunning views of North Mountain.
Middlebrook-Walkers Creek-Newport Loop

41.3 miles (66.5 km)/

2,765 feet (842.8 meters)

Rural roads with beautiful views. Easy to moderate to challenging all on the same ride.
Staunton Routes
Staunton Perfect Loop

13 miles (20.9 km)/

835 feet (254.5 meters)

This is a short ride with some climbs, and lovely views.
Staunton-Arbor Hill-Stingy Hollow Loop

15.5 miles (24.9 km)/

1,043 feet (317.9 meters)

This route heads south out of Staunton with a gradual climb. There is a short section of gravel on Arborhill Road. The ridge line offers a lovely view and is a great place to get your gravel feet wet. The return ride is downhill with rewarding views.
Staunton-Frog Pond-Smoky Row

22 miles (35.4 km)/

1,222 feet (372.5 meters)

This route allows for a 1.5-2 hour ride with a mix of climbing, descending, and recovery sections. The scenery south of Parkersburg Pike can't be beat.
Staunton Polyface Ride

23.4 miles (37.7 km)/

1,282 feet (390.8 meters)

This is a local favorite that takes you through some Staunton neighborhoods and onto the rural roads of Augusta County. You can expect to see farmland with cows and sheep scattered about, several small creeks and ponds and some wonderful views of the Alleghany Mountains.
Staunton Middle River Figure 8

24 miles (38.6 km)/

1,705 feet (519.7 meters)

A 24-mile ride with rolling hills, scenic river views, and good food and beer at the end.
Staunton Springhill Ridge Road Loop

31 miles (49.9 km)/

2,122 feet (646.8 meters)

Rolling hills and big mountain views for a perfect mid-distance ride.
Staunton Badger Road Loop

44 miles (70.8 km)/

2,632 feet (802.2 meters)

This is an intermediate/advanced ride due to its length and hill climbs. Big mountain views.
Waynesboro Routes
Waynesboro Dooms Day Loop

12.4 miles (20 km)/

692 feet (210.9 meters)

Follow the South River as it flows north towards its confluence with the North River. Travel along the base of the Sawmill Ridge and the Blue Ridge Mountains as you make your way back south towards Waynesboro.
Waynesboro to Grottoes Loop

35.1 miles (56.5 km)/

1,205 feet (367.3 meters)

This longer route will let you log some of the flattest road miles in Augusta County as you follow the South River towards its confluence with the North River at Port Republic, Virginia.
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